Director of RACVIAC was received by the Hungarian Minister of Defence

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On 24th November 2021 RACVIAC Director, MG (ret.) Jeronim Bazo, paid a courtesy visit to the Minister of Defence of Hungary, Mr Tibor Benkő.

The occasion of the meeting was the “Vienna Document 2011 Compliance and Verification Course” which was conducted on 23-25 November 2021 in Hungary.

At the meeting Mr Benkő explained that the stability of the Western Balkans and the strengthening of relations between the countries of the region are a number one priority for Hungary and that Hungary strongly supports the European integration of the countries in the region.

During the meeting it was concluded that RACVIAC activities are valued in terms of Euro-Atlantic security, in part because the Western Balkans remain a vulnerable area for the proliferation of small arms and light weapons and access to other dangerous technologies. The head of the Ministry of Defence of HU and Director of RACVIAC agreed that it is in the common interest of the Members of the Organization to strengthen the existing regimes of arms control, disarmament and non-proliferation.

Hungary regularly supports the work of RACVIAC and participates in its activities as much as possible. Hungary delegates one lead expert to RACVIAC staff, and contributes to its educational and training tasks by providing speakers and also by funding its Programmes in kind.

Director Bazo expressed his gratitude for the ongoing support provided by Hungary. Mr Tibor Benkő confirmed that Hungary will continue contributing to RACVIAC mission and goals.