Fostering dialogue and cooperation
in South East Europe
We are a regional platform for security dialogue.
Building trust and confidence since 2000. Over the past 20 years we have devoted ourselves to promoting openness and transparency among our members. Addressing current and
emerging security challenges.
Through partnership relations we enhance European and Euro-Atlantic integration of SEE.
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In the region

Focusing on security matters in South East Europe.

By the region

Staffed and financed predominantly by regional countries.

For the region

Programme outlined in accordance with our members' needs and requirements.
Message of Director

RACVIAC- Centre for Security Coopertion

Fostering dialogue and cooperation on security matters in South-Eastern Europe.

Since 2000, reflecting its vision and mission, RACVIAC has been continuously promoting peace and stability in the South East European region and further contributing to raising the countries’ institutional capacities in dealing with the contemporary security challenges, increasing their governance capabilities, and supporting them to effectively implement and fulfil their obligations and commitments deriving from EU and Euro-Atlantic security agendas.

Building bridges
Promoting mutual trust
Enhancing Euro-Atlantic integrations
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20 Years of Experience

What we do

We are focused on four main thematic areas.





Our annual programme is structured around four main areas: Cooperative Security Environment, Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction,  Countering Transnational Security Threats and Security Sector Governance.

CSE Pillar C-WMD Network CTST Pillar SSG Pillar

The Cooperative Security Environment Pillar is one of RACVIAC domains with the longest tradition. The Pillar focuses mainly on:

  • arms control treaties and agreements,
  • implications and role of arms control policy aimed at confidence and security building,
  • regional aspects of arms control in SEE,
  • physical security and stockpile management.

The C-WMD Network is the project launched in 2015, in cooperation with the US Defence Threat Reduction Agency, with the aim of facilitating the development of national C-WMD counter-proliferation strategies and response plans of the SEE countries. Currently, the project is in the Phase two: developing the mechanisms and projects for the future regional cooperation.

The Countering Transnational Security Threats Pillar focuses its scope of activities from mainly regional security cooperation issues to broader politico-military aspects of Euro-Atlantic integration, NATO and EU security, and transnational security threats and challenges, such as: countering terrorism and organized crime, cyber security, energy and environmental security, crisis and disaster management etc.

The activities of Security Sector Governance Pillar are aimed at putting in place the mechanisms and systems for an effective, accountable and civilian-controlled security sector. It focuses on:

  • Parliamentary oversight
  • Human rights & gender perspective
  • Crisis management
  • Border Security
  • Building integrity and fighting corruption
  • Politico-military aspects of security.
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