About us

RACVIAC- Centre for Security Coopertion

Fostering dialogue and cooperation on security matters in South-Eastern Europe.

Since 2000, reflecting its vision and mission, RACVIAC has been continuously promoting peace and stability in the South East European region and further contributing to raising the countries’ institutional capacities in dealing with the contemporary security challenges, increasing their governance capabilities, and supporting them to effectively implement and fulfil their obligations and commitments deriving from EU and Euro-Atlantic security agendas.

20 Years of Experience


International, independent, regionally owned organization, with the mission to foster dialogue and cooperation on security matters in South Eastern Europe through a partnership between the countries of the region and their international partners.


20th Sep, 2002

Accession of Italy to agreement of RACVIAC

Oct, 2003

MAG Decision to expand the role of RACVIAC to Security Sector Reform

6th Jul, 2005

MAG Decision to establish Defence Conversion Unit in RACVIAC

01st Dec, 2011

Agreement on RACVIAC-Centre for Security Cooperation entered into force

22nd Apr, 2015

RACVIAC Strategy Paper 2015-2020 adopted by MAG

Jan, 2000

Establishment of RACVIAC, The Bilateral Germany and Croatia Govermental Agreement

8th Jul, 2004

Accession of Republic of Turkey to agremment of RACVIAC

4th Oct, 2007

Transformation process into new RACVIAC - Centre for Security Cooperation

19th May, 2009

Memorandum of Understanding between RACVIAC and NATO School Oberammergau

10th Oct, 2014

MAG approves establishment of C-WMD Network in RACVIAC

20th Oct, 2020

RACVIAC Strategy and Programme Guidelines 2021-2026 adopted by MAG