VTC on Expanding Cooperation and Partnership to Support RACVIAC Activities

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RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation has continued to increase its efforts in fostering security dialogue and cooperation in SEE and is always ready for and open to new ideas and furthering meaningful cooperation.

On 28 November 2023 RACVIAC organized the first online meeting with the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Centre (E-ARC) in Romania on security issues of common interest in SEE. The main focus of the meeting was on the issues regarding exchange of information and to find out where areas of common interest are in 2024 in forthcoming RACVIAC activities.

In his Opening remarks Rear Admiral Predrag Stipanović, RACVIAC Deputy Director, shortly explained the intention and the objectives of this working meeting, stating his strong will to strengthen the cooperation between RACVIAC and the E-ARC.

The meeting was followed by short briefings delivered by the respective organizations. A presentation on RACVIAC was delivered by LTC Arta Driza, Planning and Liaison Officer for SEE countries while the Euro-Atlantic Resilience Centre presentation was delivered by Ms. Carola Frey, Strategic Analysis and Cooperation Department Expert – Resilience in emerging and disruptive technologies.

Both organizations expressed their conviction that their activities are complementary and, therefore, decided to continue with their co-operation, expressing a positive attitude towards future joint work. E-ARC expressed its willingness to visit RACVIAC and to start cooperating actively on the future projects.