RACVIAC Representative visited the Airbase and Military Facility in the Montenegro

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On May 17-20 2022 the Montenegro Ministry of Defence Verification Centre organized a visit to the airbase and military facilities/units, in accordance with the Vienna Document 2011 (VD-11). A total of 40 people attended the event from the VD-11 participating countries and international organizations.

RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation was represented by Cpt Levente Tóth, Activity Manager in CSE Pillar.

During the event the participants paid a visit to the military airport “Knjaz Danilo” Golubovci and the “Milovan Šaranović” Barracks Danilovgrad. They had an opportunity to get an insight into the daily life of the airbase and the military units of Montenegro. The facilities and the technical equipment were presented to them as well. The highlights of the visits were the impressive dynamic displays in which flight activities that included a helicopter and a tactical exercise (live shooting presentation) were conducted.

The official part of the visit closed with the evaluation, the gift exchange and, finally, an Official dinner.

The event was considered a great example of a proper interpretation of the confidence and security building measures contained in VD-11. Due to the preparedness and the professional approach of the Montenegrin military personnel, it was an excellent representation of the spirit of the document, openness and transparency.

RACVIAC is thankful for the invitation to participate in this event as well as for the hospitality and regular attendance of the representatives of Montenegro in our activities. Hopefully, this cooperation will continue or develop even further.