RACVIAC Representative attended SEDM Meetings in Sofia, Bulgaria

RACVIAC Representative, LTC Arta Driza, Planning & Liaison Officer for SEE, attended the 47. SEDM Coordination Committee (CC) and the 48. Political-Military Steering Committee (PMSC) meetings which took place in Sofia, Bulgaria on 20 September 2022.

The meetings were attended by representatives of 13 SEDM member and observer countries, the Commander of the SEEBRIG Multinational Brigade as well as by representatives of  RACVIAC and UNDP/ SEESAC. The representatives of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence and NATO Building integrity participated in the meetings online.

SEDM as an initiative for cooperation and dialogue on security issues in the region continues with its commitment to strengthening cooperation between the countries of South East Europe in the defence area, in order to support the Euro-Atlantic integration of SEE countries.

Since SEDM and RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation share similar objectives and interests when it comes to security and stability of SEE and beyond, it is very important to coordinate RACVIAC efforts with these countries’ achievements, and further strengthen RACVIAC role as the leading platform for regional cooperation and networking.

RACVIAC Members and some of its Associate partners are also members of SEDM. Therefore, RACVIAC participation plays an important role in planning and designing of our activities in cooperation with regional and International organizations and initiatives, and in line with the most emergent challenges that the SEE region is facing today that have been identified and confirmed by all member states of the SEDM process.

During the working sessions the attendees discussed the progress achieved so far and the way ahead. The SEDM Secretariat and COMSEEBRIG presented an update on the activities and results achieved since the last CC/PMSC meeting in March 2022.