RACVIAC Representative attended DPPI FLEX 2023 Exercise

On October 23-27, 2023 the Disaster Preparedness and Prevention Initiative for South Eastern Europe (DPPI SEE) organized its first full scale simulation exercise DPPI FLEX 2023.

RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation was represented by Ms. Biserka Petrovska, Programme Manager in CTST Pillar, in the role of observer (25-27 October).

DPPI FLEX 2023 was designed around flood response operations in Brčko District, Bosnia and Herzegovina, aimed at testing regional cooperation and interoperability among the disaster response teams, the cooperation with incoming international assistance and host nation support, provision of assessment using unmanned aerial vehicles, camp management activities, and logistics management of in-kind assistance in the wide framework of the Union Civil Protection Mechanism.

The specific objective of FLEX 2023 was the application of Sphere (spherestandards.org) Handbook technical chapters in camp management.

RACVIAC is thankful for the invitation to participate in this event. Hopefully, this cooperation will develop in the years to come.