RACVIAC Hosts Annual Arms Control Symposium

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RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation proudly inaugurated its annual “Arms Control Symposium” in Rakitje on 14 November 2023. The symposium is a hallmark event for the region which brings together distinguished participants not only from our Members in South East Europe but also from Associate Members (France, Norway) and speakers from Montenegro, Belgium, Latvia, the Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, Serbia, France, the United States and Czech Republic and from partner organizations (DTRA-E, OSCE BA).

H.E. Ambassador Constantin-Mihail Grigorie, Director of RACVIAC, extended a warm welcome to the attendees on the occasion, expressing gratitude to the Federal Republic of Germany, Republic of Croatia, and OSCE Mission to Bosnia and Herzegovina for their crucial financial support, without which this event would not have been possible.

The symposium, a cornerstone in RACVIAC annual calendar for over 15 years, aims to provide a regional platform for updating South-Eastern Europe on pertinent developments in the field of Arms Control. Ambassador Grigorie emphasized the importance of dialogue, introducing panel discussions on the following key topics:

  • The main challenges in the implementation of Arms Control treaties
  • Arms Control perspectives, regional issues
  • The impact of the war in Ukraine on Arms Control regimes
  • Emerging military technologies and nuclear (in)stability.

Ambassador Grigorie, furthermore, highlighted the changing landscape of global security, noting the paradox of an increasingly perilous world that is less hospitable to Arms Control measures. This clearly highlights the need to rebuild the case for Arms Control, he added, to rethink its role, and to invest in the human and intellectual capital that will allow it to be adapted to the realities that now exist or will emerge.

Director expressed the hope that the ideas communicated during this symposium will find a way to the national ministries and organizations in order to strengthen even more the significance of this specific subject matter.

The success of this symposium, stressed Ambassador Grigorie, lies in the hands of the participants, calling for their proactive contributions, honest opinions, fresh ideas, and experiences to foster cooperation and friendship.

The Arms Control Symposium serves as a vital tool for increasing cooperation, openness, and transparency among participating countries. RACVIAC anticipates that the outcomes of this event will contribute to strengthening the region’s commitment to peace, stability, and security.