RACVIAC Director paid an official visit to Sarajevo

Director of RACVIAC MG (ret.) Jeronim Bazo was on an official visit to the Ministry of Defense of BA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and OSCE Mission to BA on 11 January 2022. In the Ministry of Defense of BA MG (ret.) Bazo was hosted by the Minister of Defense of BA, Dr. Sifet Podžić, in the MFA of BA his host was the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Bisera Turković and at the OSCE Mission to BA MG (ret.) Bazo’s host was the Head of the OSCE Mission to BA, Ms. Kathleen Kavalec.

MG (ret.) Bazo talked separately with his hosts about the successful cooperation between RACVIAC and the institutions representing its hosts about the topics contained in the RACVIAC Programme in all three main areas of RACVIAC activities: Cooperative Security Environment Pillar with a focus on arms control, Countering Transnational Security Threats Pillar on topics related to international and regional cooperation and Euro-Atlantic integration, and Security Sector Governance on topics related to security sector reform.

Director of RACVIAC spoke with Dr. Bisera Turković (MFA) about C-WMD because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of BA was the main RACVIAC partner in this activity. Dr. Podžić, Dr. Turković and Ms. Kavalec concluded that cooperation between RACVIAC and BA institutions will continue in the future with the desire to improve mutual support.

On the next day, 12 January 2022, Director of RACVIAC MG (ret.) Jeronim Bazo paid an official visit to the Commander of EUFOR MG Alexander Platzer at the Butmir barracks near Sarajevo. He briefed the EUFOR Commander on the history of RACVIAC as well as on topics of particular interest to RACVIAC, the same ones mentioned before. They discussed topics of common interest to both EUFOR and RACVIAC such as the training of members of the AF of BA (training for PSO operations, gender training, Dayton Peace Agreement, Article IV, Arms Control, strategic communications…).

Also, RACVIAC Director informed his hosts about the plans for the future. RACVIAC has been working on developing 4 new projects, dubbed the “Six cost center”. The conclusions of the meetings include the will of both parties to further foster mutual cooperation.

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