Nuclear Security Cyber Roundtable kicked off in RACVIAC

RACVIAC, in partnership with the United States Department of Energy (DOE) International Nuclear Security Programme (INS), launched in 2022 a 5-year project initiative to enhance regional cooperation on the security of nuclear material and facilities in South East Europe. This roundtable is a part of the abovementioned project process that will enable participants to develop comprehensive policies regarding nuclear security in their respective countries. It is being held from 28 to 29 March 2023.

MG (ret.) Jeronim Bazo opened it by stressing: “This Cyber Roundtable will offer a holistic approach to the challenges that nuclear communities are facing in responding to cyber threats and risks. Therefore, this Roundtable will serve as a forum for both policy and technical experts in the region to discuss, share, and develop conclusions about the current risk landscape and potential security solutions on topics such as Threat Trends & Cyber Risks, Hardening Systems & Protection and Detection & Information Sharing.”

Ms Patricia O’Brien, Senior advisor, Office of International Nuclear Security (NNSA) also gave a speech during the Opening Ceremony in which she emphasized that she is very glad that this cooperation with RACVIAC has come about and that she appreciates all of the attendees’ participation in this activity. She promised that it would be a very engaging activity despite the fact that it consists of a small technical part too.

The Roundtable has gathered more than 40 regional nuclear security stakeholders’ community participants responsible for developing and implementing national security strategies and plans, in particular for cybersecurity, coming from designated national ministries/agencies responsible for national nuclear security.