“Money Laundering: Where Theory Meets Practice” Workshop drew to an end in RACVIAC

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The “Money Laundering: Where Theory Meets Practice” Workshop, which was organized by RACVIAC, University of Split (University Department for Forensic Sciences) and Regional Anticorruption Initiative (RAI), ended today on RACVIAC premises.

It was held as a 3-day event with the purpose of presenting the actual situation and directions in money laundering prevention in SE Europe and beyond through lessons provided by experts from the academic and practical arena. In order to maximize the learning effects, besides the theoretical and Case study part, the participants engaged in practical work by participating in the investigation process. The idea was to bring together all relevant players dealing with money laundering as well as other experts dealing with financial flows.

The Workshop consisted of four panels named “Money Laundering – Theoretical Aspects and Current Issues”, “Money Laundering – New Challenges”, “Money Laundering and Fight Against Organized Crime” which referred to a Table Top Exercise and “Money Laundering – Future Directions”.

The Workshop closed with a Wrap-Up Session after which Closing remarks were delivered and certificates handed out to participants and distinguished lecturers.

H.E. Ambassador Constantin – Mihail Grigorie, RACVIAC Director pointed out that the high level of participation, both in terms of lecturers and attendees, could not have been achieved without fundamental cooperation and support of RACVIAC partners, Split University, Department for Forensic Sciences and RAI Sarajevo, and their deep commitment and determination to conduct this activity in line with the highest standards. 

Furthermore, he thanked all the speakers and moderators whose expertise made this event attractive and extraordinary in a scientific and practical sense: ”Your ability to transfer your comprehensive knowledge to practical actions is truly respectworthy.”  

“Your professional expertise and interaction with the speakers, as well as sharing of experience, brought additional value to the Workshop. This is exactly what RACVIAC aims for and stands for”, he concluded.

Ms. Marijana Bartulović, Department for Forensic Sciences, University of Split, said: “For me, personally, it was a great honour to meet all the lecturers who were outstanding and for your great contribution. Thank you very much once more.”  Also, she thanked all the participants for joining this Workshop, particularly for their active participation and engagement.

“We are aware of how big the problem is but this is a small step in raising awareness in connecting all different links in the chain of money laundering” she concluded.

This activity gathered more than 35 participants and lecturers from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Türkiye who praised the content and concept of the Workshop. Furthermore, the participants expressed their overall satisfaction with its duration and outcomes that will serve them in their further work on the subject in the ministries of interior, defence, finance and justice. Representatives and experts from financial and other organisations which might be beneficiaries were welcome to attend the Workshop as well.