“Money Laundering: Where Theory Meets Practice” Workshop begins at RACVIAC

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The Workshop dubbed “Money Laundering: Where Theory Meets Practice”, organized by RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation in partnership with the University of Split, University Department for Forensic Sciences and Regional Anticorruption Initiative (RAI) Sarajevo, is taking place from 17th to 19th October 2023 in RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation. 

This event presents a continuation of an established five-year Project between RACVIAC and University of Split, Department for Forensic Sciences, titled: “Improving Security Governance through Implementation of Forensic Science in State Institutions and Agencies”. The MOU for the project was signed in September 2022. It is the second event/workshop so far prepared as a result of the abovementioned organizational cooperation.

The academic partner in this event, the University of Split, Department for Forensic Sciences, owns the knowledge and expertise regarding the subject and can offer a variety of opportunities which can enhance the abilities of RACVIAC Members to address the challenges they are facing while the third partner in this activity is RAI with its network of experts.

This joint initiative is aimed at establishing a regional platform for addressing transformation processes in South East European (SEE) countries in view of governance improvement by implementing and sharing Forensic Science information across state services. The Project consists of five independent activities which are planned to be conducted once per year.

The Opening remarks were delivered by H.E. Ambassador Constantin – Mihail Grigorie, RACVIAC Director, who emphasized: “With this Project RACVIAC seeks to extend its lines of action to other ministries, governmental and non-governmental organizations and not only ministries of foreign affairs, MoDs and MoIs, in order to provide our respected Members with greater amount of professional assistance and opportunities for cooperation.”

He also extended a special welcome to the distinguished speakers and moderators in this three-day event: “Your presence and your willingness to share your experience represent an outstanding contribution to the event and are highly appreciated.”

“Dear Participants, we encourage you to participate actively, pose questions, or make comments during each Workshop Panel. Your contribution and proposals could be vital for the success of this activity“, he concluded.

Mr. Damir Piplica, Dean of the Department for Forensic Sciences, University of Split praised the cooperation with RACVIAC on this joint project and emphasized that it is only one of many collaborations of the Department for Forensic Sciences. He said that he expects constructive support in the form of questions and suggestions from all distinguished participants and wished everyone successful work.

Last, but not least, Mr. Nikola Naumovski, representative of RAI Sarajevo in his Opening Address presented RAI in short terms, their scope of work and emphasized the aim of the joint activity. “In this three-day workshop we will have a lot of quite distinguished panels and interesting topics but also case studies and experiences from practice that will be used in money laundering future work.”

“Once again, it is a pleasure to be a part of this workshop on behalf of RAI and I wish you a successful workshop,” he concluded.

The Opening Session of the Workshop was moderated by Dimitrios Biris, RACVIAC SSG Pillar Programme Manager.