Meeting with the Verification Centre of Slovenian Armed Forces

A meeting of RACVIAC representatives and their counterparts in the Verification Centre of Slovenian Armed Forces was held in Šmajerske Toplice, SI on 16th September 2021. RACVIAC representatives were Col Deniz Özturk, Programme Manager in CSE Pillar, CPT Levente Toth, Activity Manager in CSE Pillar and Mr Predrag Omrčen, Activity Coordinator in CSE Pillar.

The aim of the meeting was to establish and develop close cooperation of the two Centres in order to facilitate support of RACVIAC planned activities. The meeting was held upon the invitation of the Slovenian Armed Forces and the expressed intention to support the practical part of the Vienna Document Course 2022.

Both sides fully embraced further cooperation and have agreed to organize future meetings required to pin down areas of ​​closer cooperation.