JCDS and OSCE Mission to BA paid a visit to RACVIAC

On Tuesday, 07 March 2023, representatives of the Parliamentarian Assembly of BA Joint Committee on Defense and Security (JCDS) and OSCE Mission to BA visited RACVIAC to discuss potential co-operation in the area of democratic control and parliamentary oversight.

On behalf of BA Parliamentary Assembly JCDS the participants were  Ms Ljiljana Miličević, JCDS Secretary and Mr Željko Grubešić, JCDS Expert Advisor. Mr Samir Bašić represented OSCE Mission to BA as a National PM.

They were hosted by RACVIAC delegation headed by RACVIAC Director, MG (ret.) Jeronim Bazo.

Some of the topics that were discussed were the Annual Meeting of SEE Parliamentarians, OSCE BA support, DCAF and other partners’ engagement.

The meeting represented a great opportunity to restart the Annual Meeting of the Representatives of Defense and Security Committees from SEE Parliaments. It was concluded that the next meeting will be held in the near future in order to more precisely define points of cooperation and support regarding RACVIAC activities.