Gender Training of the Trainers Course starts in RACVIAC

The two-week “Gender Training of the Trainers Course” kicked off on 5th February 2024 in RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation. RACVIAC was invited by NATO to organize and conduct a GToT course for members of the Jordanian Armed Forces, and RACVIAC Members supported the holding of this special training event on February 5-16, 2024. The course follows the NATO-approved curriculum which was built based on the Nordic Center’s template with some improvements and adjustments made in accordance with the lessons learned from previous similar training events held from 2014 onwards, and will be conducted by trainers from RACVIAC Members.

RACVIAC Director H.E. Ambassador Constantin-Mihail Grigorie opened the Course by expressing his highest appreciation to RACVIAC Members that are supporting this event with an excellent array of subject matter experts, especially Croatia, Montenegro and North Macedonia. He also extended his sincere gratitude to NATO for recognizing RACVIAC efforts in this field and bestowing upon it the honor to organize this event.

Ambassador Grigorie stressed that human rights, freedom, peace and safety are not guaranteed and that we all have the responsibility to protect them. “Stability, security and progress in our own societies and countries cannot be achieved if half of the population is left out in our considerations; remember that empowered women and men are the foundation of resilient and stable communities”, he underlined.

Furthermore, he introduced the Course students to the aim of this two-week Course which is to prepare them to plan, conduct and evaluate education, training and exercises within their own functional area with an integrated gender perspective. “Moreover, you will be provided with the knowledge of frameworks and guidelines that regulate gender in military operations, as well as the skills and pedagogical competencies that will improve your ability to act as trainers both in a national and international context.”, his Excellency emphasized.

Moreover, he urged students to use this unique opportunity, as well as very skilled and capable instructors, who were also once students in RACVIAC, to engage in and learn from each other and to enrich their understanding of the topic.

RACVIAC, in cooperation with the Croatian Armed Forces and the Nordic Center for Gender in Military Operations (NCGM), has so far successfully conducted nine courses (from 2014 onwards) for trainers on gender integration in the security sector. The aforementioned cooperation has resulted in the recognition of RACVIAC as a central training center in the field of gender perspective integration in SE Europe and beyond. Through this activity RACVIAC Members have developed a network of more than 200 gender instructors in the SEE region.

The organization of this GToT course is a confirmation of the recognition of RACVIAC expertize and contribution in promoting equal gender policies and opportunities in the security sector following other special trainings carried out for the members of the Portuguese Armed Forces (2019, Lisbon, Portugal) and the Brigade Command of SEE countries (SEEBRIG HQ, 2023, Kumanovo, North Macedonia).