Director of RACVIAC attended the Annual Meeting of the Ministers of Defence of the South-Eastern Europe Defence Ministerial (SEDM) Process, Ankara, 21-22 November 2023

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  • Director of RACVIAC attended the Annual Meeting of the Ministers of Defence of the South-Eastern Europe Defence Ministerial (SEDM) Process, Ankara, 21-22 November 2023

H.E. Ambassador Constantin-Mihail Grigorie, Director of RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation, attended the Annual South-Eastern Europe Defence Ministerial Meeting in Ankara, highlighting the crucial role of regional cooperation in addressing security challenges.

The meeting, hosted by the Turkish Ministry of National Defence, provided a platform for discussions on pressing regional security issues.

Ambassador Grigorie expressed gratitude to the Republic of Türkiye for its warm hospitality and the dedicated efforts in organizing the Ministerial.

He commended the Romanian Chairmanship for its commitment to strengthening SEDM Projects and promoting the SEDM as a vital platform for regional security.

Director Grigorie stressed that RACVIAC stays committed to fostering dialogue and cooperation on security matters in South-Eastern Europe, emphasizing its priority areas which include Arms Control Regimes, Confidence and Security Building Measures, Countering Terrorism, C-WMD Network, Crisis and Natural Disasters Management, Energy Security and Environmental Issues, the Gender Perspective and Human rights and more.

Speaking about the complex and dynamic security environment Ambassador Grigorie cited the challenges posed by the war in Ukraine caused by the Russian aggression and ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, stressing the need for continuous efforts to promote peace, security and full respect of international law. He stressed the importance of collaboration between SEDM and RACVIAC to ensure a secure and prosperous future for the region.

Highlighting the close cooperation between RACVIAC and SEEBRIG (South-Eastern Europe Brigade), RACVIAC Director mentioned the Gender awareness course conducted for SEEBRIG HQ, underscoring the practical cooperation and shared objectives between the organizations.

On the sidelines of the SEDM Meeting, Ambassador Grigorie held a bilateral meeting with H.E. Yaşar Güler, Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Türkiye. Director of RACVIAC expressed gratitude for Republic of Türkiye’s support and engagement in RACVIAC over the past 23 years and familiarized Minister Güler with RACVIAC activities.

Minister Güler assured continued active participation, including financial contributions and seconding of staff. The upcoming 51st MAG Meeting, which is taking place on 16-18 April 2024 in Istanbul, will be an excellent opportunity for strengthening of contribution of RACVIAC to foster dialogue and cooperation on security issues in the region.

Ambassador Grigorie also held meetings with H.E. Ambassador, Mehmet Kemal Bozay, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Saygili, Director General for the Balkans and Central Europe and the MAG Chairperson, Director General for International Security Affairs, Ambassador Öztürk and Deputy Director General for OSCE, Arms Control and Disarmament, Ms Beşkardeş Karagöl.

During the meetings the importance of the Republic of Türkiye, RACVIAC long- standing, reliable partner who currently holds the MAG Chairmanship was underlined. The openness to create possibilities to increase its contribution in the implementation of RACVIAC Programme was also welcomed.

At the SEDM Meeting RACVIAC Director held talks with the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Moldova, H.E. Antolie Nosatȋi, Deputy Minister of Defence of the Republic of Bulgaria, Atanas Zapryanov and Undersecretary of State for Defence of the Italian Republic, Matteo Perego di Cremnago and discussed these countries’ greater involvement in RACVIAC work.

The most solemn moment of the SEDM Ministerial Meeting was the approval of Chisinau’s membership request and the ceremony of the signing of the Note of the accession of the Republic of Moldova as a fully-fledged SEDM Member.

In the Joint Statement the Ministers of Defence of the SEDM Process welcomed the presence of RACVIAC, SEESAC and RCC representatives, appreciating their valuable efforts in enhancing security dialogue and regional cooperation.