Ambassador of Poland, H.E. Paweł Czerwiński, pays a Visit to RACVIAC

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Upon the invitation of H.E. Ambassador Constantin-Mihail Grigorie, H.E. Paweł Czerwiński, Ambassador of Poland to the Republic of Croatia, paid a visit to RACVIAC on Friday, January 26, 2024.

The main focus of the meeting involved introducing the history of RACVIAC, presenting the 2024 Programme, reviewing past collaboration with Poland, and identifying potential areas for future cooperation. Following the discussions there was an exploration of strategies to enhance collaboration between RACVIAC and Poland.

Ambassador Grigorie, Director of RACVIAC, conveyed gratitude for the visit and underscored the significance of collaborative endeavours between Poland and RACVIAC in advancing regional security and stability. He seized the opportunity to emphasize to Ambassador Czerwiński the crucial role of Polish involvement in security dialogues and cooperation within South East Europe which could potentially encompass financial contributions to RACVIAC Budget or the provision of experts for its initiatives.

Ambassador Czerwiński expressed his appreciation for the hospitality and information provided. He promised to put efforts into increasing Polish participation in RACVIAC activities.

Both Ambassador Czerwiński and Ambassador Grigorie, sharing a common goal of promoting security and cooperation in South East Europe, stressed their commitment to enhancing cooperation between Poland and RACVIAC, expressing their willingness to invest substantial efforts in this endeavour.