47th MAG Meeting held in RACVIAC under Romanian Chairmanship

The 47th MAG Meeting took place online today, organized under the Chairmanship of Romania and chaired by Ms Irina Zidaru, General Director of the Strategic Affairs Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Romania. The Meeting started with a short introduction given by Ms Zidaru and continued with a brief presentation of the Director’s Annual Report, given by Director of RACVIAC, MG (ret.) Jeronim Bazo. Director highlighted that RACVIAC has completely fulfilled its mission during these rather challenging times. “In terms of Programme implementation we executed 18 activities. More than 800 representatives, experts and lecturers from our Members, different organizations, think tanks, private companies, diplomatic corps and academic institutes participated in them and shared their experiences”, he added.

MG (ret.) Bazo also took the opportunity to assure the participants that RACVIAC remains committed to fulfilling its mission of fostering dialogue and playing a leading role in the area of confidence and security building measures. He thanked for the outstanding support and valuable engagement of all RACVIAC Members, Associate Members, Observers, participants and partners that contribute to the Centre’s future performance and the overall stability and security of the region and asked them to continue to do so in the future as well.

Pursuant to the Meeting Agenda RACVIAC presented future RACVIAC Projects which were afterwards approved by MAG. Furthermore, MAG invited its Members and Associate Members to propose additional projects in the coming period, based on the needs of their respective countries and SEE region as a whole.

As is the case in every Spring MAG Meeting the MAG delegates were briefed on the execution of last year’s Programme and got more acquainted with Programme 2022 and projection for next year. Furthermore, the Meeting continued with the presentations on Budget and Personnel.

The last Agenda Item was related to the nomination of the new RACVIAC Director. MAG has agreed to postpone a decision on the nomination of a new Director of RACVIAC for two months. Concerning the nominations for the MAG Chair Serbia was invited to nominate a candidate, according to the alphabetical order principle for Members, by the end of July of this year.

It was also agreed that the 48th MAG Meeting will be held on 12th October 2022 on RACVIAC premises in Rakitje. At the end of the MAG Meeting its Conclusions were presented and adopted by all of the participants.