News 2017

19 January 2017

Meeting of MAG Points of Contact held in RACVIAC

)A Meeting of Point of Contacts of RACVIAC - Centre for Security Cooperation Multinational Advisory Group was held in RACVIAC on 19 January 2017, with the aim of discussing details of RACVIAC 2017 Programme.

At the opening of the Meeting RACVIAC Director Ambassador Haydar Berk welcomed the representatives from member countries, associate members and partnering organizations saying that the Centre greatly appreciates their outstanding support and cooperation.

He pointed out that RACVIAC’s main goal in the forthcoming period is to increase the quality and visibility of activities in terms of upgrading the level of participants and ensuring a more active engagement of the Members and Associate Members.


Following the introductory address by RACVIAC Director, RACVIAC Programme Managers Col Erhan Kiliҫaslan (Cooperative Security Environment), Mrs. Ana Ežova Kržaloska (International and Regional Cooperation) and Mr. Ivan Hostnik (Security Sector Reform) presented the Programme for 2017 within their respective Pillars and projection for 2018. Mrs. Ivana Barbara Blažević presented the developments in the C-WMD project as well as its roadmap for the future.

In a continuation meeting was focused on a discussion regarding specific aspects of member countries’ and contributing partners’ participation related to the academic and financial support to activities. This opportunity was used to share information on the current stage of ongoing preparation for jointly organized and hosted activities.


Later on Major Jasminka Šoić, Chief of Administration and Finance Cell, provided information regarding the realization of the budget for 2016 and projections for the budget 2017.

Closing the event Ambassador Berk thanked the representatives for all the recommendations and suggestions received mentioning that RACVIAC counts on their active participation and cooperation in the future too.

17 January 2017

Representative of IAEA and RACVIAC discuss future cooperation

)On 17 January 2017 Mr Thierry Pelletier, Senior Nuclear Security Officer, Division of Nuclear Security, Department of Nuclear Safety and Security of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), payed a visit to RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation in order to discuss future cooperation between the two Organizations.

Mr Pelletier was welcomed by RACVIAC Director Ambassador Haydar Berk, Deputy Director Brigadier General Gordana Garašić, and RACVIAC staff members.

After a short introduction Mr Pelletier was given a briefing on RACVIAC – Centre for Security Cooperation in which emphasis was put on the Programme of activities that are planned to be conducted by RACVIAC three Pillars in 2017.


Mr Pelletier then presented RACVIAC staff with an outline of IAEA’s current projects and activities.

During the meeting discussion focused on exchange of information on possible future cooperation and areas of common interest especially in the field of C-WMD Network and activities related to the area of nuclear security in general.It was agreed that synergy and coordination between the two Organizations will enhance the further development of nuclear security architecture and strengthen the regulatory level and harmonization process in SEE region.

This presents an additional step forward in extending the scope of the C-WMD Network, which is a project launched in RACVIAC in 2015 with the aim of facilitating the development of national strategies to counter the weapons of mass destruction.

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